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3 impasse Bonne Nouvelle - 75010 PARIS - Métro Bonne Nouvelle - Tél :  01 45 23 34 47
    "Le Memphis", the most beautiful night club of Paris,
has been a real institution since 1946.

Memphis presentation

For three generations, the same family gave thousands of people of different ages the opportunity to dance and have fun.
Everything began in the twenties with the grand father. He animated the famous and popular dance-hall "Le Tango du Chat" in the Saint Séverin Street which is located in the Latin district. After the Liberation, the citizens of Paris rediscovered the delight of going out dancing. Thanks to this impulse, he created the "Miami Dancing" in the Bonne-Nouvelle dead-end by the Grands Boulevards. All the youth of Paris and the American soldiers who where on leave, crowded to that place where musicians in the latest style played music.
From 1955, the father looks after the business' destinies and made lots of changes. In 1968, the dance-hall was transformed into a club and was decorated with submarine elements and particularly with the newest lighting coming from the United States of America. In 1969, the "Miami dancing" changed into "Le Memphis". This new club has a bar fashioned as an English pub made out of solid mahogany. Its large dance floor was the vastest one in Paris at that time, compared to the other clubs' dance floors which were no bigger than a pocket handkerchief.
In the year 1971, "Le Memphis" became the biggest club of Paris with two dance floors and two different atmospheres. "Le Memphis" was equipped with a unique video system in 1980 to put on video clips which are going to be all the rage.
In 1986, the son was backing up his father to manage the familiar business. There was work being done during the year 1996 to double the area of the dance floor. This was accomplished by deleting the famous seats shaped as cars which were cherished by lovers.
In 1997, "Le Memphis" revived its past by recreating sessions of tea dance in the afternoons. This answered to the senior's expectations who still wanted to dance and meet people.
Today, "Le Memphis" is an exceptional business because of its permanence in the world of the night where everything is short lived. So many clubs in vogue don't exist anymore, but "Le Memphis" stayed. Since its creation, the Memphis' customers have always appreciated the convivial and reassuring atmosphere of this familiar place.
Its advantages :
The club has always been in the forefront of technology. To offer the best sound quality "Le Memphis" has greeted the most recent innovations as regards to the lighting. Moreover "Le Memphis" benefits of a really good acoustic and sound proofing. The business has always preserved the quality of its decorations, which are one of a kind, by maintaining them constantly and carefully. For that reason "Le Memphis" attracted several cinema productions in these last couple of years.

Claude Michel Rome for the TV movie “Vengeance d’une femme” with Clémentine Célarié (year 2002)

Patrick Jamain for “Quai n°1” with Astrid Veillon and Jean Claude Dauphin (year 2003)
Casablanca Driver in October 2003)

And fashion photographs as Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italy and recently for Vogue Japan.

Laurent Firode for the TV movie "La pomme de Newton ("year 2005).

Arnaud Sélignac for "Jacques Mesrine, la chasse à l'homme" with Richard Berry and Serge Riaboukine, programmed on TV the 9th november 2006 .